Oct 30, 2015

Congress votes to give vets more sick leave.

How does this sound?
Newly-hired veterans will be given an added 104 hours of sick leave for their service-related health issues during their first year of federal employment under legislation Congress sent to President Obama this week. The House passed the bill on Sept. 28, and the Senate passed the House version on Oct. 26, sending it to the president for his signature.

NAGE, who had lobbied heavily for the bill, praised Congress on their bipartisan cooperation and the bill’s passage. "I commend Congress for their bipartisan cooperation and prompt passage of the Wounded Warriors Federal Leave Act,” NAGE National President David J Holway said in a statement. “Especially with the current political climate, it encourages me seeing our elected officials come together and crafting a more supportive work environment for our veterans and helping to level the playing field.”

The House bill, HR 313, was spearheaded by Rep. Stephen Lynch of Massachusetts with bipartisan support. Congressman Lynch is endorsed by NAGE and Lynch has supported numerous pro-labor and federal workforce-friendly bills throughout his Congressional career.

The legislation will provide veterans who are 30% or more service-connected disabled with an additional 104 hours of sick leave for treating their service-connected issues during their first year of federal employment.  Once the president has signed the bill into law, the Office of Personnel Management has nine months to implement it.

https://www.congress.gov/114/bills/hr313/BILLS-114hr313enr.pdfView the bill here.

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