Jun 22, 2016

NAGE Announces Scholarship Winners

Each year, NAGE awards fifty scholarships in the amount of $500 each through a lottery. Applicants must be attending or planning to attend a two- or four-year college, trade, or technical school to be eligible. Union members and their spouses, children, grandchildren, nieces/nephews, or significant others are eligible to apply. Congratulations to this year’s winners!
This year's winners are:
Unit Division NAGE Member Scholarship Winner
291 State Barbara Callanan Amber Callanan
282 State David Moore Meghan McDonnell
207 State Juliana Lee Adam Lee
207 State Jonathan Munroe Robert Munroe
386 State William Griffin Jacqueline Griffin
207 NAGE EMS John Bernazzani Andrew Bernazzani
R1-144 Federal Kim Belenger Bailey Avila
282 State Sally Connors Kristen Connors
5000 State Janice Webster Kristie Faszcza
292 State Rose Provost Michael Provost
01-282 State Karen Kapino Alec Kapino
229 Trial Court Elizabeth Mahoney Elizabeth Mahoney
144 Federal Thomas Ferreira Isaiah Ferreira
229 Trial Court Carmen Monroy Isaias Rodriguez
282 State Devenia Mack Deven Mack
5000 State Mimi McColl Kayla Corshia
282 State Patricia Montanaro John Montanaro
308 State Paul Penner Adam Penner
308 State Trelles Randall Janaya Randall
504 IBPO Stephen Roche Stephen Roche
282 State Cheryl Brooks Olivia Brooks
ANF State JOHN PAN Rani Pan
unit 1 State Michelle Baker Mary Baker
5000 NAGE EMS jean pierre garcia Maximiliano Garcia
6 State ASSIA BOUAOU Sidali Beriane
364 IBPO Robert Browne Stephanie Cusack
282 State Tran Phan Huy Ngo
Nage Unit 6 State Jaime Medina Gabriella Medina
282 State Lori Gooch India Fullerton
01-207 State IRENE CALA Caitlin Cala
6 State Joan Nessralla Jonathon Nessralla
282 State Carolyn Blair Kathryn Blair
228 Trial Court Richard Ryan Richard Ryan
307 State Kimberly Tran Any Nguyen
207 State Chris Benanti Alexa Benanti
01-207 State Aster Gashaw Solomon Brehane
207 State FRANK IOVINE Elena Iovine
292 State Linda Gunn Christopher Gunn
209 NAGE EMS Lori DiFraia Gabriella DiFraia
6 State Lynn Dubour Jacquelyn Dubour
254 State Staci Gergely Caleb Best
12-152 IAEP Paul Lopez Paul Lopez
R1-291 State Don Done Olivia Done
R1-144 Federal Neil Jackson Emma Jackson
282 State Lisa Peduto Lauren Peduto
03-019 VA Medical LISA DAVIS Lei-Lari Small Wood
01-369 MA Dot RICHARD SLAYMAN Christian Brown
308 State Clifton Read Hannah Read
5000 State Mary Houllahan Michael Houllahan

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