Sequestration by Federal Agency

Find below more detailed information about sequestration cuts and furloughs at individual Federal Agencies.

Environmental Protection Agency:

Total number of furlough days slightly less than seven
Phase 1: April 21st - June 15th
  • Requires 32 furlough hours for each EPA employee through first 2 pay periods, including one mandatory furlough day for entire agency on Friday, May 24th
  • Possible liberal leave without pay and reducing supplies and travel spending
Phase 2: June 16th- September 30th
  • Based upon review of "success" of Phase 1
    2 mandatory furlough days on Friday, July 5th and Friday, August 30th
  • Contractors will be untouched by sequestration due to manner in which contracts were written
EPA Internal Furlough Memo

Department of Interior:
  • Furloughs are expected, but the exact plan has not been detailed
  • Impose hiring freeze
  • Reduce all but essential travel
  • Revisit conference approval process and reduce/cancel participation in these events
  • Identify non-essential contracts and other commitments that can be reduced
  • Eliminate seasonal and temporary positions
Department of Defense:
  • Forced to furlough civilian employees up to 11 days
  • Employees will be given at least 30 days' notice
Department of Navy:
  • Immediate hiring freeze
  • Postpone all government sponsored conferences
  • Stopped all non-mission essential travel
  • Reduced overtime work
  • Will consider civilian furloughs of up to 11 days
  • Furloughs will be centrally managed by DoD
Defense Commissary Agency:
  • Agency-wide hiring freeze
  • Limit non-critical official travel
  • Close all commissaries on Wednesdays
  • Close the Headquarters on Wednesdays
  • Possible furlough of every DeCA employee one day a week for up to 11 days
National Guard Bureau:
  • Possible furlough action affecting all permanent and temporary technicians
  • Furlough expected to begin the last week of April
  • Agency hiring freeze will not be implemented
  • Every affected civilian employee would be subject to furlough for up to 11 non-consecutive days
  • If an agreement is reached that averts sequestration and restores the needed funding, all furloughs will be immediately canceled
Defense Logistics Agency:

Option 1: All employees will be furloughed on the same day to save further operational costs
  • Closure days will alternate from Friday the first week to Monday the second week-allowing for a 4-day closure
Option 2: Non-continuous furlough days will be identified by employees based on seniority
  • All overtime will stop first before any employees are furloughed
  • Termination of all temporary and term employees before any other employee is furloughed
  • Terminate any contractors doing the same function as those DLA employees before any employees are furloughed
  • Review contractor work and consider renewal, termination or suspension of contracts prior to furloughing any employee
  • Terminate all contracts that are not for national security
  • Employees will be provided with written notice of furlough
  • Furlough days will be served on Mondays or Fridays

Department of Transportation:

Nearly 47,000 employees would be furloughed for 1 day per pay period through Sept.

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