Union Plus

Just as unions provide strength in the workplace, Union Plus privilege provides strength in the marketplace. Union Plus delivers the best benefits through the collective buying power of millions of union members.

Through member-only programs offered by SEIU in partnership with Union Plus, NAGE is able to provide you and your family with special discounts, rates, and savings. Union Plus programs are designed specifically for working families, and as a member or retiree of NAGE, you and your family are automatically eligible for benefits.

*When inquiring about any benefits through Union Plus, be sure to identify yourself as a member of SEIU Local 5000, or SEIU/NAGE.

To learn more about Union Plus and its programs, visit www.unionplus.org or call 1-800-452-9425

Click here to view the Union Plus Video Presentation  

Here are some of the benefits avaliable to you as a NAGE member:

Wireless Service Discounts

Travel Discounts

Electronic Discounts

Insurance Protection

Health and Well-Being Discounts

Entertainments Discounts

Legal Services