May 03, 2016

Happy Public Service Recognition Week!

This week marks the 21st anniversary of Public Service Recognition Week and on behalf of the NAGE/IBPO/IAEP, I would like to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.
I am thankful for this opportunity to acknowledge your service on behalf of our nation. I have the pleasure of witnessing firsthand your outstanding contributions and achievements each and every day. You provide vital services demanded by the American people of their government with efficiency and integrity. You are essential personnel, without whom, our country would fail to strive.
Public service is more than a job; it is a calling. Your commitment exemplifies your values and reflects your drive to serve for the greater good. You chose your profession because you understand its importance and recognize the difference that you make. Your service is the foundation of our country.
Over the past several years, you have experienced pay cuts, pay freezes, and furloughs. Despite this, you have continued to serve each day and remain dedicated professionals. NAGE/IBPO/IAEP will continue to fight for your rights.
The hard work you do for this country does not go unnoticed, and I and all of the staff at NAGE/IBPO/IAEP are honored to serve you. Thank you.
                                                                                    In solidarity,
                                                                                    David J. Holway
                                                                                    National President

Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile. - Albert Einstein
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