In this section, you will find educational media, trainings, workshops, and presentations designed to help you ahieve your objectives as a union official. The training modules provided contain useful information and tips for successfully performing your duties and responsbilities as a steward, officer, or leader of your local. Each topic includes a brief video or powerpoint presentation as well as any supplemental training materials.
  • "Becoming the Best Place to Work": A case study detailing the successes of USPTO's effort to reform federal labor-management relations.
  • Financial Responsibilities: On July 29, 2014, NAGE/IBPO Federal Director, Sarah Suszczyk, provided a training on financial responsibilities for local officers under the National Constitution and by-laws and Department of Labor rules. The meeting recording and slides are below and should be used as a resource. If you have any questions please feel free to call NAGE Federal. (Audio)
  • Grievance vs ULP Complaints: Understand the difference between a grievance and an unfair labor practice complaint.
  • Labor-Mgmt Forum Reporting Tool: Overview of the LMF Reporting tool, designed to provide LMFs an opportunity to bring problems to the National Council, identify common barriers to productivity, and highlight best practices.
  • Hatch Act & Federal Legislation: These documents should be used as a resource for our members and includes information on what Federal employees can and cannot do this election season. There is also a section on the legislative process and pending legislation that effects our membership. If you have any questions please call NAGE Federal. (Audio)
  • Local Elections: This training covers key guidelines that a local must follow in order to conduct a valid and legal election of local union officials (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary etc.).
  • MSPB Sequestration/Shutdown Presentation: On December 3, 2013, a MSPB representative provided training to the NAGE/IBPO Federal/DC Executive Board and Advisory Committee members concerning MSPB appeals related to sequestration/shutdown furloughs and recent significant cases.
  • Telework Status Report: A review to Congress on the status of telework in the federal workforce.
  • Tools of the Trade: A primer in union membership. Use this training to more about what tools are available to you in the workplace, including Weingarten Rights, Requests for Information, Freedom of Information Act requests, bargaining/negotiating, FLRA action, the Grievance Process, MSPB Complaints, and much more.
NAGE federal officers and stewards are problem solvers, educators, organizers and communicators. They serve and protect the rights and benefits of other members and are constantly training to be the best.

Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile. - Albert Einstein
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