As a part of the union's commitment to improving the lives of our members, SEIU is excited to offer a financial service program uniquely designed for members, with products and services designed to meet a wide variety of needs, from savings to credit to financial education.
SEIU Credit Card Program
  • SEIU for You Visa Prepaid Card- This card offers valuable banking services for a very low price.  Great for members looking for a safe and convenient way to recieve their pay, manage their money, and not incur debt.
  • SEIU Rewards Visa Credit Card-This top-quality rewards Visa card eliminates costly fees and helps save money--all while offering a fantastic rewards program.

Financial Education
  • Financial education- a guide to help our members better manage their money and save for their financial futures by providing them with the right products and help with broader financial issues.

Discounts on Financial Services
  • Credit counseling - Regain control of your finances and stop collection calls. Get help from a high quality, non-profit counseling service, with free counseling and debt management plans. 1-877-833-1745
  • Credit score discounts Learn your credit score and get help improving it.
  • Union SAFE grants - Eligible union member can apply Union SAFE grant money (which does not need to be repaid)--and access Union Plus benefits and advice--to help combat the problems in today's economy.
  • Save my home hotline - Are you having trouble keeping up with your mortgage payments? Act now and get a confidential, free consultation with expert housing counselors.
  • Retirement Planning Center
  • Debt Management Help
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