The National Association of Government Employees (NAGE) offers a Recruitment Bonus to union members.  For each new member you recruit, you may receive a $50.00 recruitment bonus.  If you refer a new member, please remind the newly recruited member to list you as their reference on their application.  The recruitment bonus is paid directly to the recruiter from NAGE National. Read below for eligibility requirements and other information.

1.  Purpose
This memorandum establishes the policy, procedures and guidelines for the National Association of Government Employees, International Brotherhood of Police Officers (NAGE/IBPO) Recruitment Bonus Program. The NAGE/IBPO policy is to pay a recruitment bonus to eligible members that recruit new and returning employees to join the Union.  A recruitment bonus is a one-time payment offered for eligible members who have joined NAGE/IBPO. 
2.  Eligibility
A recruitment bonus incentive may be paid to a member that recruits another employee to join the union. The corresponding employee must be of the same local unit, joining NAGE/IBPO for the first time or returning to membership after a three (3) month withdrawal period.  
3.  To Receive the Bonus
    The employee will complete a dues deduction form (SF-1187) to join NAGE or IBPO.
b.    The dues deduction form (SF-1187) is signed by the local president or designee and submitted to the agency’s HR department for processing.
c.     A copy of the dues deduction form (SF-1187) must accompany the completed Recruiting Bonus Voucher.  (You can submit up to four forms per voucher)
d.    Be sure to include the full address for the recruiter and each new member on the Recruiting Bonus Voucher.  This information is used to send
the recruiter’s bonus check, the new member a membership card and other communications to the new member.
e.    Fax, email, or mail the completed Recruiting Bonus Voucher along with a copy of each new member's dues deduction form (SF 1187) to the 
NAGE Washington Regional Office (address and fax number on form).
4.  Exclusion
NAGE/IBPO may not pay a recruitment bonus to a recruiter:
a.    Who is not a dues paying member of NAGE/IBPO.
b.    For recruitment of members that have rejoined NAGE/IBPO after less than a 3 month period.
c.    Where the signature date on the dues deduction form (SF 1187) is older than 6 months. Recruitment bonus vouchers are valid only if received by NAGE/ IBPO within 6 months of the date the new member signed the dues deduction form (SF 1187). Vouchers will not be processed if the
dues deduction form (SF 1187) is older than 6 months.
d.    For dues deduction forms (SF 1187) that appear to be intentionally altered or crossed out.
5.  Procedure for Payment.
NAGE/IBPO National Office will process the Recruitment Bonus Voucher and verify that both the recruiter and employee are members of the union. Once the National is receiving the dues of the new member the recruiter will receive the bonus.  This process usually takes 4-6 weeks. For recruiters that are also new members, recruitment bonuses will not be processed until dues are received for the recruiter.
6.  Recruitment Bonus Rate.
In 2012 the NAGE National Executive Board voted to increase recruitment bonus to $50.00 per new member recruited.
7.  Recruitment Bonus Reported to the IRS

If any individual receives $600.00 or more from NAGE in any calendar year, by law NAGE is required to issue a Form 1099 to the individual with a copy to the Internal Revenue Service. This is a IRS requirement.


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